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  • Brands similar to Free People – Boho Brands similar to Free People


    The Bohemian style has been around since the 70s and is still going strong as a classic style. The brand Free People is especially good at capturing its spirit.  Known for its comfort and easy style, men and women all over the world love this fashion staple. Over time, several boho brands have surfaced. Here […] More

  • Brands like Self Portrait for Exclusive Dresses & More


    The Self Portrait brand is certainly not for everyone. Their dresses are terribly expensive, and although they are fabulous, they are usually dresses perfect for just one specific occasion. In other words, it’s not the best fit for everyone. Especially, if you attend a tennis match at Wimbledon on a daily. We have gathered a […] More

  • Celebrity Entrepreneurs: Companies owned by A-List Celebrities


    A lot of A-list celebrities started looking into side businesses and most of them are doing quite well. Their fame helps their companies grow fast, even explode, but a good company needs more than fame alone. Here is a list of surprising side businesses celebrities went into. Beyonce Knowles In partnership with her nutritionist, Beyonce […] More

  • The stories behind the biggest gaming companies

    Every big company was once a dream, a small company started by dreamers and visionaries. These self-starters probably thought of high limit blackjack but were probably quite focused on gaining ground for their businesses. Let’s take a look at some of the backstory of these gaming giants.    Ubisoft  Once upon a time, the Guillemot family was […] More

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