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  • Binge Watching in 2017 According to Netflix Infographic


    Netflix usually is very quiet about it’s own numbers, and how many people are watching what shows and movies. But they have released data about 2017, and this has been put in a beautiful infographic. It gives a great perspective on one mankind’s most modern activities – bingewatching. More

  • How can no-one at such a big company like Pepsi see this


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    It’s mind boggling how not a soul at Pepsi HQ was able to spot how wrong the ad with Kendall Jenner was. Sure, big brands love to side with the rebels (as long as they are cool), and they will always make a cause seem superficial. But this really just takes the cake. Judge for […] More

  • No Sports Brand is so Iconic as Nike – It’s History in an infographic


    Nike is a company famous for its shoes and sportswear, but it’s equally famous for its amazing ads. They are always finding news way to spread their message. The intention of  the message never changes, but it’s always brought in interesting new ways. Here we found an amazing infographic that tells the story of 50 […] More

  • 2018’s Most Valuable Brands – Time to Talk Big Bucks


    Brand Finance, a brand consultancy firm, released their ranking of the most valuable brands in the world in 2018. The firm looks at marketing investment, stakeholder investment, and business performance to help it measure how much each brand contributes to the company. Amazon took the top spot this year. Tech companies in general dominated the list, with Apple, […] More

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