Paul Regan

Bio: Regan (just Regan, never Paul. Like Madonna, or Cher) is the writer and co-creator of Trenchfoot, and co-founder of O.G. Comics. Regan conceived the bulk of the Trenchfoot mythos during a particularly laborious holiday in Ireland and has not looked back since. As well as penning Trenchfoot and its spin-offs, Regan has also recently completed a novel entitled “Demonville”: a tongue-in-cheek supernatural thriller about a reserved English teacher whose wife has an illicit affair with an Italian Vampire. Regan's biggest influences are Spider-Man, the films of Patrick Swayze, and endless repeat viewing of Seinfeld. In his day-to-day life he ferries antiques from auction house to customer like a make-up-wearing, Geordie version of Lovejoy.

Talents: Author

Publishers: O.G. Comics

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